SkinsuitPrezzo:  199 Eur


S-WORKS EVADE GC SKINSUIT Limited Spécial Edition für 2PEAK

A Skinsuit is one of the most important and legal tools to increase race speed-

How fast you are on your bike, depends on two things: How hard you pedal and how aerodynamic your position is. The easiest way to fix number two is to change what you are wearing (or not wearing).
A good aerodynamic suit like the S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit is worth as much as all of the aero tricks you could possibly do on your bike, but much cheaper.

It also doesn't matter if you wanna compete in a Triathlon or a cycling race. Because in both of those, being aerodynamic is key. That's why you can also see skin suits at the Tour de France.

With a fast, second skin, your air resistance will be decreased, where it is the strongest, which is at your body.
Yes, shaving helps but it's not as ideal as this second skin.
The Evade-suit decreases the air resistance of the person cycling. The suit doesn't only do that in the extreme aero position but also when you are in the "break" position. Even when you are riding in a group, a fast suit gives speed and saves energy. That's why you can't go without it, if you're going for podium.

Here's an approximation of the time you can save while wearing this suit:

40 km = 1:30 Minutes 180km = 6:45 Minutes

Important: These saved minutes don't only go away for pro athletes but also for weekend warriors and for anyone on any level.

The Evade suit is fast and practical. The material is very stretchy and comfortable to wear. The area around the shoulders is produced so that there is no seam, which could add resistance. There's little integrated pockets in the back, made for longer distances. Thanks to the log zipper, it's easy to reach and also made for running (when you're doing a triathlon).
There's ten well and precisely cut sizes, which make sure that everyone can find their ideal fit. Next to the normal sizes of XS to XL. There's also:
XSS (XS-short) SS (small-shirt) ST (small-tall) MT (medium-tall) ILT (large-tall) Here's the sizing chart (Please turn to the third page).

"PEAK also offers you the possibility to get one of the strictly limited Evade-suits with the exclusive 2PEAK design on it. You can get it for the awesome prize of 199€ (it normally costs 500 US$ and you can't get it in Europe). So order fast.


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